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Window Tinting

Window Tinting That Provides Benefits to Your Home or Business

Window tinting is becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices as an excellent alternative to blinds, shades, and shutters. Tinting offers many benefits, including lower utility bills, UV ray protection, and improved aesthetics.

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Window Tinting Heat and Energy Cost Reduction

Did you know windows are the number-one cause of heat gain in most homes today? Window treatments can significantly reduce the sun’s heat, considerably reducing your cooling costs, and window tinting is no exception. While traditional glass windows allow the heat from the sun to make its way into your home and raise its temperature, window tinting blocks sunlight and heat, allowing your home to stay more comfortable without running your air conditioner constantly.

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Window Tinting Reduces Glare and Discomfort

When sunlight hits glass, it causes refraction and light displacement, leading to visual discomfort and even reducing productivity when it impacts your computer or phone screens. It can also make watching the television nearly impossible and significantly obstruct your view of the outdoors. Window tinting prevents all of these nuisances without casting your home into darkness, as other window treatments might.

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Window Tinting to Limit UV Rays and Interior Fading

Believe it or not, even if your furniture and flooring aren’t exposed to prolonged direct sunlight, UV rays are constantly working on fading your furnishings. Window tinting is an excellent way to protect your leather furniture, valuable antiques, and original wood flooring. Though it’s not something we often think about, it’s even possible to get an unhealthy level of UV exposure from sitting in front of a window. Because window tinting blocks 99% of UV rays, you can have the peace of mind that both your furniture and your family are protected from unnecessary damage from UV rays inside your home.

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Window Tinting to Increase Decoration and Privacy

Decorative window tinting is growing in popularity as an option to add style and privacy by shielding the view from outside your home without sacrificing the inflow of natural light that blinds or curtains may limit. Window tinting can even make your home safer and give you an extra layer of protection from storms and accidents, since window tints will hold the glass in place longer and keep it from ending up all over the room and causing injuries.