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Commercial Window Treatment Installation

Stylish, functional window treatments are crucial to creating a positive and productive atmosphere in any office, classroom, or corporate setting. Plus, window treatments can do more than just increase aesthetic appeal. They also increase energy efficiency, improve lighting control during the day, and provide many other advantages. Our team of experts will help you choose from our wide range of options through professional design and color consultations, and with our seamless project management and installation services, the entire process will be a breeze from start to finish.

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Commercial Window Treatment Benefits

Commercial window treatments can provide many benefits to your business, improving both your own work experience and that of your employees or customers. One significant benefit of most window treatments is UV and glare control, which keeps your interior safe from damaging UV rays and prevents unwanted light from creating visual disturbances that affect your customers or team. 

Commercial window treatments are also more durable than their residential counterparts and are designed specifically for easy installation and cleaning, require minimal maintenance, and have a lengthy lifespan.


Anyone who works in the restaurant industry understands how essential ambiance is to the success of your business. Window treatments are an excellent way to more closely control the lighting in your space and prevent glare that might disturb diners. Window treatments like awnings could also increase valuable real estate for dining outdoors or provide patrons with a space to wait for their table that’s sheltered from the elements. Want to improve your restaurant’s curb appeal? A custom canopy can increase your building’s visual interest while welcoming customers in.

Corporate Businesses and Institutions

Bring your office space to the next level with custom commercial window treatments that will provide the look you desire while increasing your savings through energy efficiency. Blinds and shades can protect your interior furniture (and employees) from damaging UV rays and increase your employees’ comfort in the workplace by preventing any inconvenient glare from the outdoors that could reduce productivity.

Retail and Shops

From shades to awnings, window treatments are a great way to customize your storefront while protecting your store’s interior (and products) from the sun’s damaging rays. Plus, options like awnings can provide an exterior focal point to increase your visibility for potential customers and invite them into your building. 

Hospitality and Hotels

Whether you need window treatments for your main lobby or as a finishing touch for your guest rooms, the right ambiance is just as essential in the hospitality industry as it is in the restaurant industry. Set the right tone for your guests’ stay by providing optimal lighting and style with the perfect window treatments, or expand your outdoor space with a new awning.

Educational Institutions and Schools

Window treatments are an often overlooked element of educational institutions, but they are more essential to keeping students engaged than you might think. Shades and blinds allow for the light control needed to minimize distracting glare while also giving you the ability to more closely control the temperature of each room and reduce your heating and cooling requirements. An awning could also be a valuable addition to any educational institution thanks to its ability to maximize your usable outdoor space.

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Commercial Blinds and Shades

If you’d like to make your space more comfortable, commercial blinds and shades are a great way to increase comfort, decrease distracting glare, and even save on your energy bills. Installing blinds or shades will allow you to customize the amount of light that enters your building throughout the day and keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thanks to the extra layer of insulation that window treatments provide. This will reduce your energy costs, which is great for both the environment and your bottom line.

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Commercial Canopies

Whether you’re interested in a shade canopy to provide extra outdoor space for dining or simply want to add aesthetic appeal and visual interest to your building, commercial canopies are an excellent way to increase your curb appeal and the livable outdoor space on your property regardless of the industry you’re in. Custom commercial canopies also offer a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of a building by adding a new architectural focal point to your building in addition to providing extra shelter.

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Commercial Awnings

Attaching awnings to your business’s windows will prevent the sun’s harsh light from directly entering your building, keeping temperatures low and protecting your furniture, flooring, and employees or guests. In addition to shading the inside, commercial awnings expand your usable outdoor space and allow you to take full advantage of valuable real estate that may otherwise have gone unused. A well-branded awning can even serve as a showstopping focal point, increasing awareness of your business and welcoming customers in.