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Custom Window Treatment Installation

Window treatment installations are much more than a “honey, can you do this” task, because many factors should be considered beyond just measuring your windows’ length and width. Window Trends offers—and highly recommends—professional measuring and installation to ensure your window treatments fit perfectly and look fabulous.

Our installers are highly trained, experienced specialists equipped with the tools needed to ensure your window treatments are hung beautifully and supported properly, an aspect of the job that is frequently miscalculated by nonprofessionals. We also take pride in respecting your home and treating it like our own. We use extra care to protect your woodwork and furnishings as we carefully install your window treatments for a stunning result that is well worth the installation fee.

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Blind and Shade Installation

While professional installation for blinds and shades does come with a cost, the advantages of having a professional finalize your new window treatments can’t be overlooked, especially for custom window treatments. For one, having your blinds and shades installed by a pro means the process will be completed much more quickly. Plus, our team is trained in unique installations and will help you fully understand how to operate and care for your new window coverings once the installation is complete.

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Canopy Installation

Having your canopy professionally installed is essential to enjoying your new home feature for years to come. Our team of experts will handle every step of the installation process, working with you to make sure you’re happy with your canopy placement and the end result, and they can answer any questions you may have about future maintenance requirements and canopy care.

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Awning Installation

Installing a retractable awning is not a simple process and requires knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to be done correctly. Our professional installers will ensure that the height, projection length, and mounting requirements have all been considered and measured accurately to provide you with a sturdier, longer-lasting awning.