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What Is the Best Retractable Awning for Your Home?

What Is the Best Retractable Awning for Your Home?

Sometimes it’s just too hot outside to fully enjoy spending time directly in the sun, even if you love warm weather! Instead of retreating indoors to spend time in the AC, it’s possible to stay cool outdoors with the help of a retractable awning for your patio. There are a few factors to consider before you choose a patio awning. Let’s take a look!

What Are Retractable Awnings?

A retractable awning is an adjustable extension of your home that uses fabric to provide the shade and comfort of a roof with less cost and increased convenience. With a retractable awning you’re able to protect your patio from the blazing sun when you want shade while also having the option to enjoy the sun whenever you choose. 

Retractable awnings come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, and the options for customization are endless. They come in both standard and custom sizes, and most brands also provide both motorized and manual awnings. While motorized retractable awnings represent a bit more of an investment than their manual counterparts, their sensors and remote controls also provide additional convenience and ease of use.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Retractable Awnings? 

The most well-known benefit of retractable awnings is the shade they provide to your patio, but did you know they can also help keep your home cooler? A retractable awning can help to keep your patio up to 20 degrees cooler, and the interior of your home up to 15 degrees cooler. That change means you can use less AC during the hot summer months, a difference that could translate to savings on your utility bill. Another benefit of retractable awnings is that they have the power to protect your outdoor furniture from sun exposure, which can cause your furniture to dry out or bleach. Plus, if your awning provides shade to your windows, it can keep your indoor furniture safe from unnecessary sun exposure as well.

Retractable awnings also have the benefit of longevity, since they typically have a longer lifespan than fixed awnings. This is because although non-retractable awnings are less expensive, they aren’t as durable since they can’t be folded up and are more likely to get damaged during bad weather. Thankfully, retractable awnings can easily be retracted during a windstorm or heavy snowfall, protecting them from storm damage. Motorized awnings also typically come with a sensor for wind or rain, allowing them to automatically retract when high wind or rain is detected. 

Retractable awnings are also often more attractive and versatile than stationary awnings, and provide a great return on investment since since the initial cost of your new awning is minimal when compared to adding a permanent roof for your patio space. Plus, retractable awnings come in a wide range of customization options since they’re made of vinyl, canvas, or water-resistant fabric, and are either automated or manually operated.

Window Trends’ Top Retractable Awnings Picks for 2022

Below we’ve outlined our top picks for retractable awnings, including best overall, most budget-friendly, and most durable. All three come in multiple covers and have the option to be either manual or motorized. 

Overall: Sunair® Awning


The Sunair® Awning is our choice for best overall retractable awning for a few reasons. This awning comes in nine standard options for frame colors (plus the option to customize your frame’s look), can be made in custom lengths up to 40 feet, and is available in hundreds of acrylic fabric options. With the Sunair® Awning you are able to choose between roof mounting or ceiling mounting, and also have the option to add motorization, wind sensors and controls, and optional XP cross-over arms for extra projection. One final benefit of this awning is its 15-year limited warranty, providing you with peace of mind and security. 

Budget: Sunstar® Awning


The Sunstar® Awning provides many of the same benefits as the Sunair® Awning, but at a lower cost, making it our top budget pick. This retractable awning comes in three frame colors, hundreds of acrylic fabric options, and custom lengths up to 24 feet. Like the Sunair® Awning, the Sunstar® allows you to choose between roof or ceiling mounting, and also gives you options for motorization and wind sensors and controls. This retractable awning comes with an eight-year limited warranty. 

Most Durable: Perfecta® Awning


Our final top retractable awning pick is the Perfecta® Awning. This was our choice for most durable awning for a few reasons, including the strength and durability that comes from its steel construction (most other brands use aluminum), its automatic steel wind block that protects the awning in windy conditions, and its improved horizontal flexibility thanks to the style of the front bar connectors. Perfecta® Awnings also have superior fabric protection when compared to other brands, both because of their patented tilting arms that provide total protection for your awning’s cloth, and their GORTEX thread, which eliminates the worry of UV damage to your awning’s stitching. Perfecta® Awnings also come with a 10-year common-sense warranty.

Ready to Learn More?

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