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The Latest Trends in Window Treatments in 2021

The Latest Trends in Window Treatments in 2021

Aesthetic and Utilitarian Features of Interior Shutters 

Also called plantation shutters, this style of window treatment is fitted to your window frame and raised with a thin bar that intersects the middle of the window instead of being raised with a pull-string. Some models open out like French doors while others remain permanently fixed in place to the window frame. Similar to blinds, they feature titled slats which can be opened and closed according to the specific gradation of light you would like to allow into the room. The most popular material for interior shutters is wood. 

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, interior shutters have a myriad of utilitarian functions. They insulate your rooms, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter which will save you money on both heating and air conditioning. Further, they block the majority of UV rays from entering your home which protects your furniture and artwork from fading for longer than they would have without this light-bouncing shield. Since they’re sturdier than blinds and shades, they shut out noise more effectively, transforming any room you desire into a quiet sanctuary. They also require less maintenance than blinds, curtains, and shades—you don’t need to dust or wash them repeatedly. Interior shutters that match your unique decorating scheme can be conveniently purchased from the top two leading window treatment companies in NJ: Hunter-Douglas and Graber. These two manufacturers’ products are some of the most durable on the market. On average, homeowners change their window treatments once every seven years, but Hunter-Douglas and Graber’s offerings outlast the standard variety lasting approximately ten to fifteen years. Here at Window Trends we’re proud to say they’re the only ones we sell, service, and install. 

Interior Shutters Crafted by Hunter Douglas Installers 

Hunter Douglas’ Heritance Hardwood shutters are the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are composed of 100% natural hardwood. You have a choice between two genuine, rapidly renewable wood varieties: basswood or poplar. The company is dedicated to making your unique interior design vision a reality—they offer a diverse selection of paints and stains as well as the option to customize your own color to match your existing decor. Finding the right shape to match your room’s sizing and aesthetics is simple as well; Hunter Douglas shutters are available in a wide range of specialty shapes from arches to French doors to the bay and corner windows among many others. They come in width sizes 7” to 312”, heights 12” to 116” and the slats come in depth sizes 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.

Graber’s Extensive Interior Shutter Offerings 

When mulling over which interior shutters to invest in, consider Graber’s thoughtfully crafted wood and composite options as well. Their wooden shutters are made of 100% North American hardwood processed with a three-step drying method that guarantees the straightest woodcuts possible. Our window treatment experts recommend their imitation wood composite shutters for high humidity rooms such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Graber finishes their wood with vibrant stains. The shutter’s slats come in the same depth sizes as the Hunter Douglas shutters. Graber’s entire spread of interior shutters is available in an extensive array of shapes including standard rectangular panels, café style panels that cover the bottom half of the window for privacy but leave the top open to let in light, house-shaped panels, and many more. Every style they offer is available in composite and wood varieties.

Contemporary Shades to Match any Mood Board

Hunter Douglas and Graber design and engineer a vast selection of shades to fit any customer’s aesthetic style and functionality requirements. We’ve compiled our favorites for you here, but be sure to check out their respective websites to explore the full breadth of their wares if you’re interested in seeing more. 

Hunter Douglas Shade Innovations

All of the brands’ shades listed below are available in cordless, automated, and corded options. 

a. Provenance woven wood shades

These artisanal window treatments are all crafted from elements found in nature such as bamboo, natural woods, reeds, and grasses. Infuse organic ambiance to any room in your home while simultaneously illuminating your space with soft filtered light. 


b. Roller shades 

Imbue your home with a minimalist sensibility by hanging this simple shade design over your windows. Roller shades consist of a single piece of fabric that pulls straight down over your window. While it may seem impossible, Hunter Douglas’s roller shades filter light sans slats with the pioneering double-fabric combination of a light-filtering sheer and a room-darkening opaque. 


c. Cellular shades 

Hunter Douglas’s Duette Honeycomb shades—named after their unique shape—are engineered for energy efficiency in all climates in any weather. They keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Contemporary Shades by Graber

All three of the shading selections listed below are offered in motorized options and continuous loop lift.

a. Layered Shades

Alternating sheer and opaque fabrics ripple down these shades and reinvigorate your space with modern style. The layers gently filter light through your windows in thin strips. 

b. Roman Shades

These accordion-style shades lend a crisp, streamlined look to your interior design scheme with their natural hues and crisp lines. Enjoy two more lift control options than layered shades and sheer shades with this variety—Graber’s roman shades can also be paired with standard cord lift and cordless lift. 

c. Sheer Shades

The transition from sheer, light, and airy to opaque and private in seconds with this revolutionary shading innovation. Accordion folded fabric rolls out and unfolds itself over a sheet of seamless sheer material when the shade is drawn, while the sheer material continues to block out harmful UV rays when the outer layer is raised. 

The Nuanced Benefits of Wooden Blinds 

Transform your living room into an atmospheric rustic retreat with wooden blinds. This interior window treatment is a great alternative to contemporary shades for those who would like the option to filter the light emitted into their room instead of only being able to block it out or let it in. The adjustable slats on wooden blinds grant you complete control over the ambiance in any room you hang them in. Adjust the slats upward to allow in more light for a sunny, ethereal look, or adjust them downwards for a darker, moodier vibe. Wooden blinds also offer you a higher level of privacy control than white fabric blinds since the slats are thicker and darker. Faux wood shutters are a great option for imbuing your bathroom with the sensibility of a woody, ski-lodge spa since wood shutters are not recommended for high moisture areas. If you’re seeking wooden blinds in New Jersey, Hunter Douglas offers their Parkland model which boasts clean lines, warmth, and authentic wood slats. 

Child and Pet-Proof Your Home with Safe-Lift Systems

Within the last few years, cordless lift systems have been making waves in the world of window treatment engineering. Traditional blinds and shades are unsafe for children and pets because they can easily become entangled in their dangling cords and experience one of many other pull cord-related injuries. Cordless lift systems allow you to pull on your shades sending them upwards or press up your blinds eliminating the need for a cord. They can even be motorized with Hunter Douglas’s PowerView automation which you can schedule to open and close according to your daily routine. You can operate them with a remote or with voice control if you integrate them with a smart-home system through your Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. The brand’s cordless blind collection, LiteRise, features roller, cellular and roman shades as well as Venetian blinds. Window treatments outfitted with cordless lift systems are typically more expensive than corded blinds. However, Graber is offering a free cordless option as a promotion on a selection of their shades right now. 

Actualize your Interior Design Vision with Window Trends

Whether you’re looking for interior shutters, shades, or blinds in NJ, we have your back. Stop by our showroom in Morris Plains to take in the visuals and feel the tactile sensations of our sample displays. We also offer in-home consultations during which our experts can collaborate with you on decorating schemes or recommend window treatments to match your existing decor.

Although woven wood shades, interior shutters, and cordless lift systems are trendy right now, they are also timeless, durable window treatments that will serve your home for years to come. Are you a planner like us here at Window Trends, looking to spruce up your home with one of these classic styles for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays? If so, you’re in luck! We’re already accepting orders for the holiday season so that you’ll receive your shipment in time to prep your home for the festivities. Call us today at (973) 401-9048 to place your order.