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How Much Do Custom Drapes Cost?

How Much Do Custom Drapes Cost?

These days it seems like every aspect of our homes can be customized, from the floor layout of the building to the paint colors and furniture. While many aspects of making your home your own can be time consuming and expensive, custom drapes are a great way to change the look and feel of your home without taking on a major project. We often get questions about how much custom drapes cost, so let’s break down a few factors that come into play when considering them as an option for your home.

What Are Custom Drapes, Anyway?

While many people assume that shades and drapes are the same category of window treatment, there are a few key differences that should be noted. Both are made of fabric and can be simple or more elaborate, but curtains are often made with light fabrics that give an airier, open feel, while drapes are typically constructed out of heavier, stiffer fabrics and backed with a lining. Compared with shades, drapes are more effective at blocking out light and sound, and they can even help your home retain its desired temperature. This is thanks to the thicker fabric used to create drapes, making them a better choice for insulation and privacy.

The essential features of custom drapery remain the same no matter what type you choose, but there are a few different options for functionality and style you should consider. These varieties include: 

  • Stationary drapes that can’t be moved, opened, or closed
  • Operable drapes that allow adjustment when needed
  • Drapes with blackout linings that fully block sunlight from entering your home
  • Drapes with light-filtering lining that allow some amount of light to filter through, depending on the material and lining

What Are the Advantages of Custom Drapes?

One key benefit of custom drapery designs is that they allow you to fully customize your window treatments to the look you want. From the selection of your fabric to the lining, pleat, and hardware for hanging, with custom drapes you have full control over the look and feel of your finished product. Creating custom drapes also allows you to mix and match from a range of different sources, because there aren’t any “all inclusive” solutions, and different parts and materials for your custom draperies can come from a variety of sources and companies. An additional benefit of custom drapes is that they work in combination with many types of shades, including motorized shades.

However, the extra customization does require more labor, and once selected, you need to order the product and have it created in a custom drapery workroom. This creation process is mainly done by hand, and there is less automation than you might think! Workshops are most often mom-and-pop shops filled with skilled workers, and depending on the company, it takes anywhere from four to six weeks to make a set of custom drapes. Supply chain issues can also affect the timeline, and sometimes materials or products may be in short supply because they are popular.

How Much Does Custom Drapery Cost?

While the cost of custom drapery depends on many factors, the average cost is between $2,000 and $4,000 per window. Each aspect of custom drapes, including fabric, lining, hardware, and more, has different costs. These factors don’t just play a part in ordering the product; some fabrics may be easier or harder to work with, which can increase or decrease your overall cost.

With this in mind, you should stop in a store and select a fabric before you measure, and it’s also important to note that you can’t buy custom drapes online. It is an in-person process that starts at a store, and choosing the right material for your home is an essential first step. Considering the cost of custom draperies, you should always have a professional do the measurements. Once the material is cut and produced, if it’s too short, there aren’t many options to fix a mistake, but longer drapes can be trimmed down. 

One last factor to remember is that, unlike premade drapes (aka ready-made drapery), there are no warranties for custom work. This is a common thread with anything custom made, but it’s important to keep in mind as you decide which type of drapery is the best fit for your needs.

Learn More About Custom Drapery for Your Home

Although ready-made drapery is easy to purchase and inexpensive, it can’t be customized. By contrast, custom drapery may seem expensive, but it lets you design exactly what you want so you can enjoy it for years. Additionally, you have numerous design options. Custom drapery designs are also more durable, as it’s made using higher-quality fabrics and hardware. 

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