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How Much do Awnings Cost?: A Buyer's Guide

How Much do Awnings Cost?: A Buyer's Guide

How Much do Awnings Cost?: A Buyer's Guide

Installing an awning over your home's patio or to the outside of your business is an aesthetically pleasing and practical choice, especially during New Jersey's hot summer months. However, deciding which type of awning is in your budget can be challenging. The answer depends on a wide array of factors. Standard stationary awnings are the most affordable, whereas solar retractable awnings and variations with ancillary features such as motorization, wind sensors, lights and roof mounts tend to be more costly. Gaining a full understanding of what types of awnings are available and what products are within your price range is key. We've compiled this guide to help you select the best awning for your budget, while still enjoying all the benefits an awning provides.

Perspective on Costs by Awning Type

Every company and awning model differ in price, and your house’s unique circumstances can affect the overall charge as well. But, the specific cost of your awning depends first, on the type of awning you choose. The awning types listed below range in price from most expensive to least. Keep in mind that installation fees are usually an additional fee not included in the cost of the awning itself.

Manual Retractable Awning Window Treatments

If you enjoy the idea of pulling your awning back when it's not in use, then a manual retractable model is ideal for you. Its lateral arm component acts as a joint which bends down to fold the awning up and extends to open it. These have all the features of motorized retractable models, except that they don't open and close instantly. Retractable awning manufacturers sell this kind of awning for varying amounts depending on the model and size. While it's more expensive than fixed awnings and solar shades, it's cheaper than a motorized retractable awning and ones with other ancillary features such as lights, attached solar shades, roof brackets, and wind sensors.

Stationary Awning Window Treatments

Fixed awnings fit a more vintage sensibility they're old-fashioned but very stylish. They are installed onto the side of your house and unlike solar retractable awnings, are not engineered to fold inwards or move in any way. This type of awning often has to be custom-made to fit the window or area where it will be installed which may drive up the price significantly. Yet, since their engineering is simpler than retractable awnings due to their inability to collapse, they're generally more economical than their bendable counterparts. Unfortunately, fixed awnings can be a liability in a storm because high winds can break them in two during major storms and shatter windows. Nevertheless, stationary awnings are, for the most part, reliably durable and require minimal to no maintenance charges. Metal awnings last about 15 to 20 years and canvas awnings simply need their valence fabric replaced once every 5 to 10 years.

Solar Shade Awnings

These screens, also called awning blinds, drop down from pillars or an opening such as the frame of your porch. They provide shade and a cool place to relax outside of the sun's harsh rays. Solar shade awnings can easily be rolled up out of sight when not in use and are notably cheaper than other options. North Solar Screen, a woman owned and operated business, manufactures some of the highest quality, yet affordable solar shades on the market. Most drop-down awnings are simple to install yourself which eliminates the extra charge of hiring a professional. This is the most economical awning variation and thus, a great choice for those looking for a shady backyard oasis on a budget.

Awning Prices by Valence Material

The majority of awnings are made of either canvas or metal, and most awning companies in New Jersey offer both materials. Canvas is the most popular type of valance material because it adds a decorative flourish to your home or business in addition to providing shade. It’s usually cheaper than aluminum since it's not as sturdy or durable.


Retractable awning manufacturers offer the most customizable options for their canvas valances; there are myriad colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from. However, canvas awnings are not the best decision if you live in an area with harsh weather because the fabric may not be strong enough to withstand the weight of the rain or snow. In this case, you may end up spending more replacing your canvas valence than on purchasing a single metal awning.


Metal awnings are the optimal choice if you live in an area with heavy gales and storms because they're more resilient than canvas models and last longer. Another benefit is that they work nicely for larger spaces, such as doors and patios.

Ancillary Awning Products that Add to the Price

Another significant factor that affects the cost of your solar retractable awning is the addition of special features that enhance their functionality, aesthetics, longevity, and safety. These products are designed for particular climates, types of houses or to achieve a certain look.

Upgrading Your Solar Retractable Awning with a Motor

This function conveniently allows you to open your awning with the press of a button or the click of a remote control instead of unfolding it by hand. Some motorized awning window treatments also include sensors that protect your awning from potentially harmful weather conditions by closing automatically when wind speeds exceed 30 miles per hour. This additional feature comes with a higher price tag making it critical to assess whether your awning needs weather protection before purchasing as non-motorized awnings are more budget-friendly. In fact, motorized solar retractable awnings are the most expensive shade-producing device on the market.

Adding Lights to Your Awning Window Treatment

Illuminating your awning costs significantly less than motorizing it, but it's still important to keep in mind that this accessory adds to the overall price. Sunair is one of the most reputable awning companies from which to purchase these lights. The company offers two dimmable lighting products for your solar retractable awning: the Sunair LED lighting strips and the Somfy LED lighting strips which both come with a remote. They add safety and security to your awning, an excellent feature for residential spaces as well as restaurants and hotels.

Mounting Your Awning to the Roof

Awning window treatments are typically mounted to the wall or the underside of the roof. However, if you don’t have enough unobstructed space from the ground to the bottom of the roof’s overhang, mounting the awning to the roof is a great option. If the installation specialists need to mount your awning to the roof, this will cost an additional fee because the roof mount brackets are an ancillary product. They're not included in the overall fee of awning installation.

Sunair Awning Costs

Sunair makes some of the highest quality awnings on the market for mid-level prices. Their products include the Sunair retractable awning, window awnings, conservatory and sunroom awnings and much more.

Sunair Retractable Awning Offerings and Price Guidelines

One of the company’s most popular products, the retractable patio and deck awning is available in four different models: the Sunair, the Sunstar, and the Suntube. The Suntube has a more contemporary, architectural look and is outfitted with a tube hood enclosure that protects the awning when it's in its retracted position. This model is the most expensive of the three. The Sunair is the most popular version and comes in custom sizes up to 40 ft wide x 14 ft projection. It's the median price point between the two other awnings and it's available in 9 powder coat frame colors as well as hundreds of fabric colors. The Sunstar is the most budget-conscious retractable awning. This model is made with the same quality engineering as the Sunair, but only comes in limited sizes and colors. Sunair's breadth of offerings caters to a wide array of budgets and awning specifications. The company also offers motorization and wind sensors for their awnings. Discuss the Nuts and Bolts of Your Awning Purchase with Window Trends Deciding which awning and budget best suit your exterior design goals and utilitarian specifications is no easy task. At Window Trends, our awning experts are more than happy to discuss all the available awning options and accessories as well as their associated costs. Awning charges can also vary depending on house type and the part of the house to which the awning is being attached. Window Trends is a premier awning company in New Jersey with locations in Chatham and Morris Plains. We are a proud purveyor of Sunair awnings and related products. Our in-house team of specialists install your awning for you, so that you can ensure it is secured and mounted safely. Stop by one of our showrooms or schedule a free at-home consultation for a thorough evaluation of your awning needs and recommendations based on your budget.